Arbitrage: Gruss outperforms


Arbitrage strategies continued a nine-month run of positive performance in September, tying multistrategy as the month's third most profitable approach tracked by Absolute Return. The Absolute Return Arbitrage Index gained 0.72% and is now up 8.81% YTD. Gruss Arbitrage Fund turned in a solid gain, rising 0.72% for a total return of 11.68%. Other winners included Lydian Overseas Partners, up 0.40% for a 11.53% return YTD; Waterstone Market Neutral OS Fund, up 0.65%* for the month and 16.58%* YTD; Fairfield Sentry, up 0.65% to total 7.06% YTD; Kingate Global Fund (Class B), up 0.81%, for 8.38% YTD; and