Multistrategy: Basso outperforms


The Absolute Return Multistrategy Index climbed 1.30% in October, the strategy's fifth straight positive month, to earn 10.55% YTD. Outperformers include Basso Multi-Strategy Fund, which rose 3.40%* for the month, up 18.28%* YTD; Clint Carlson's Double Black Diamond, which gained 3.01% to bring in 17.32% YTD ; and Dmitry Balyasny's Atlas Global Fund (unrestricted), which rose 2.50%, up 20.34% YTD. Izzy Englander's Millennium International Fund returned 1.67%, up 12.50% YTD, while QVT Overseas Fund gained 2.74% to earn 15.18% YTD. Lagging the index was the long-suffering Ritchie Multi-Strategy Global, up 1.00% for the month, with a slight gain