Brand Names: February 2007


Industry leaders weathered February's stock market crisis with most maintaining composure. Here are their February returns, collected from managers and other market sources.

Fund name


Company Feb 07
Sprott Offshore Fund Ltd Sprott Asset Management 7.39%
Lansdowne UK Equity - USD Lansdowne Partners 3.96%
Glenview Capital Partners Glenview Capital 2.94%
Pequot International Class A Pequot Capital 2.80%
Zweig-DiMenna International Ltd Zweig-DiMenna International 1.99%
Viking Global Equities III Viking Capital 1.18%
Tosca Toscafund 1.12%
Ivory Flagship Fund LP Ivory Investment Management 1.07%
SAB Overseas Fund Ltd SAB Capital 0.70%
Sloane Robinson (International) Fund Sloane Robinson 0.55%
Maverick Fund Ltd Maverick Capital 0.55%
Ascend Partners Fund II LP Ascend Capital 0.49%
Galleon Technology Overseas Ltd Galleon Group 0.38%
Eureka Fund - USD Marshall Wace AM 0.28%
Intrepid Capital Fund Intrepid Capital 0.13%
AlphaGen Capella Class A Gartmore Investment Management 0.03%
Fairfield Sentry Fairfield Greenwich Group -0.11%
M Kingdon (Offshore NV) Kingdon Capital -0.21%
Chilton International