Funds to Watch

Funds to watch


Each year, Absolute Return uncovers some of the most talented small managers and gives them a piece of the big firms' spotlight. Some have never picked up a phone to solicit investment, but in all cases, their performance should speak for itself. They are undiscovered no more

Absolute Return’s annual take on tomorrow’s superstars

By Josh Friedlander

It takes money to make money, or so the saying goes. The hedge fund equivalent is that it helps to have money if you want someone to give you more. As our recent Billion Dollar Club showed, though hundreds of billions of dollars are invested each year, most seem to go to the top shops. About $1.2 trillion is held by the top 241 firms, and the top 70 held more than $5 billion apiece. While many of the biggest funds have impressive track records, evidence abounds that small is