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When Dinakar Singh launched TPG-Axon, many wondered whether it could live up to expectations. Surely size is the bane of performance? But the firm has proven its returns are driven by alpha, and that could put it on track to become the premier hedge fund operation that was Singh's goal

The talent, teamwork and drive of Dinakar Singh and his three partners are quickly putting TPG-Axon on the map as one of the industry's premier global funds

By Sarah Wood

When the number and scale of multibillion-dollar hedge fund launches began to explode in 2004 and 2005, many wondered if investors had lost their minds. Size, especially when growth comes quickly, has long been viewed as the bane of performance, and performance is of course what it's all about. Still, none of the megalaunches came from rank neophytes. Far from it - many boasted the best pedigrees in the business.