League Table


Fund Name Sep-07Last 3 mthsLast 6 mthsLast 12 monthsYTDAnn. CompoundInception
Permal Media & Technology A 13.01%13.25%37.97%56.88%35.92%6.48%Sep-89
Tryphon Capital Management LLC 5.77%8.57%12.94%20.32%23.03%15.81%Jul-03
Spinner Global Technology Fund Ltd 5.69%3.37%9.54%17.62%10.67%17.83%Oct-93
Tryphon Fund Inc 5.56%8.13%12.21%19.72%21.77%24.18%Oct-00
Digital Century Aggressive Growth LP 5.50%4.22%14.90%22.89%15.93%7.46%Oct-97
Digital Century II Aggressive Growth LP 5.50%4.43%15.13%23.15%16.04%-3.24%Jul-99
Digital Century Aggressive Growth Offshore Fund Ltd 5.20%3.92%14.79%23.13%16.04%9.69%Feb-98
CCI Healthcare Partners LP 3.98%5.38%9.33%21.19%13.03%12.21%Jan-01
Shannon River Partners LP 3.90%3.67%9.17%24.27%15.26%24.89%Jan-03
The Perennial Growth Fund LP 3.80%3.18%4.00%13.10%9.69%7.26%Jan-04
The Perennial Growth Fund Ltd - USD 3.70%3.08%3.90%13.00%9.58%7.46%Jan-04
The Perennial Growth Fund Ltd - EUR 3.50%2.67%3.18%11.66%8.51%5.76%Dec-04
Armadillo Capital 3.43%6.17%10.39%21.83%9.79%14.13%Jan-06
FrontPoint Healthcare Horizons Fund 3.27%7.69%7.26%25.37%11.62%19.49%Oct-04
Camelot Capital LP 3.13%6.07%10.49%16.07%12.91%14.69%Jan-94
Galleon Technology OS Fund Class A+ 3.00%8.51%16.58%26.75%20.75%21.57%Jul-95
Galleon Omni Technology Fund* 3.00%8.50%16.58%26.42%20.78%22.07%Mar-96
Digital Century Conservative Growth LP 2.90%2.28%9.57%15.45%10.99%11.20%Oct-04
Absolute Return Technology Index££ 2.63%2.89%7.18%15.97%10.42%19.56%Jan-98
Ibis Capital LP 2.63%0.52%4.33%5.89%3.25%9.29%May-00
Seligman Tech Spectrum Fund LLC 2.63%6.77%11.18%21.73%14.34%16.59%Jul-01
Robeco Global Telecom Opportunities 2.54%4.07%2.93%10.90%5.19%6.16%May-06

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