Brand names


How have Brand Names fared in the market storms of early 2008? See below for an overview of top American and European funds

Fund Name


Jan 08


Pershing Square International

Pershing Square Capital Management


Fairfield Sentry

Fairfield Greenwich Group


Glenview Capital Partners

Glenview Capital


Ivory Flagship Fund

Ivory Investment Management


Chilton International Class A

Chilton Investment Company


Raptor Global Class A

Tudor Investment Corporation


M Kingdon (Offshore NV)

Kingdon Capital


Viking Global Equities III

Viking Capital


Ascend Partners Fund II

Ascend Capital


SAB Overseas Fund

SAB Capital


RIEF International Series B

Renaissance Technologies


Shumway Capital Partners Ocean Fund

Shumway Capital Partners


Lansdowne UK Equity - USD

Lansdowne Partners


Intrepid Capital Fund

Intrepid Capital


Pequot Core Global Offshore Fund

Pequot Capital


Cantillon World

Cantillon Capital



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