Recession mentality sinks in


Coming off the worst year in hedge fund history, industry leaders gathered at the Absolute Return Symposium to debate the shape of the industry to come.

Speakers at the 2008 Absolute Return Symposium predict the shape of the industry beyond the bloodbath

Top: Rob Ladd, Jamie Dinan, Paul Touradji, Eric Mindich.
Middle: Melissa Ko, Sandra Manzke, John Paulson, James Chanos.
Bottom: Hal Schroeder, Michael Lewitt, Max Holmes, Peter Thiel.

With all the talk about markets being in the worst shape since the Great Depression, there is one big difference. During the 1930s, there were no hedge funds. As the industry tries to determine what it will look like on the other side of what York Capital Management founder Jamie Dinan calls a watershed year, there’s