Funds of Hedge Funds Performance

...leaving emerging markets in the dark


Emerging markets have been savaged in 2008 and results in this sector reflected this.

Optima Emerging Markets was down 23.81% for the year after a -0.2% December and GAM Multi-Emerging Markets ended the year down 24.61% following a 1.19% December drop.

RMF Emerging Market Opportunities was down 27.12% after a -0.01% loss in December and Pamplona FOF EM was off by 28.67% after dropping 1.9% on the month.

Treflie Global Emerging Markets was down 30.37% following a -0.5% month and HSBC Emerging AdvantEdge was down 32.16% for the year following a gain of 0.31% in December.

Permal Emerging Markets Holdings was down