Funds of Hedge Funds Performance

Macro funds shoot out the lights...


Macro was the one bright spot in an otherwise overwhelmingly bleak landscape, the 2008 median positive at 3.52%. Nevertheless returns were widely dispersed.

At the top of the pile were some impressive numbers: FRM Sigma was up 33.27% for the year after a 2.47% December and Tredia Performance was up 25.2% following a 2.71% month.

Eddington Macro Opportunities was up 24.75% having gained 3.34% in December and Ivy Trading Strategies finished the year at 19.18% following December numbers of 1.24%.

HSBC Trading AdvantEdge was up 12.78% over the year, gaining 0.9% in December, and GAM Trading was up 5.74% following a