League Table


Fund Name Last 3Mar-09Last 6Last 12YTDAnn CompInception
European Long Short Equity USD
Henderson European Absolute Return Fund 34.98%7.89%10.55%-19.46%34.98%13.73%Jun-01
Tosca Small Cap Fund *^ 26.81%7.95%2.37%-15.46%26.81%-12.28%Mar-08
Henderson European Select Absolute Return Fund Equalisation 25.18%5.67%19.08%n/a25.18%-0.97%May-08
Henderson UK Equity Long Short Fund 20.19%11.50%-3.56%-17.81%20.19%6.69%Jul-03
Leonardo Capital Fund SPC Ltd 16.42%8.89%-9.65%-28.24%16.42%-1.72%Aug-04
Zebedee European Fund 11.45%4.41%9.37%8.61%11.45%6.28%Feb-01
Zadig Fund Class A * 10.81%4.91%13.91%1.40%10.81%8.77%Dec-05
Victory Fund - Class B 10.65%5.68%9.37%-2.93%10.65%6.75%Mar-98
Gladstone Lasker Master Fund 10.36%-1.98%11.50%7.10%10.36%10.32%Jan-06
S.W. Mitchell Small Cap European Fund 8.50%4.44%4.86%2.32%8.50%2.53%Nov-07
AlphaGen Tucana Class A 7.92%5.00%0.84%-13.50%7.92%7.83%Jan-05
Matrix New Europe Fund 6.88%14.29%-31.33%-46.49%6.88%-25.15%Jan-07
Eureka Fund * 6.67%4.13%3.24%-3.40%6.67%13.56%Jan-98
AlphaGen RhoCas Class A 6.63%2.80%10.61%-0.63%6.63%11.16%Jul-04
AlphaGen RhoCas Class C - JPY 6.41%2.70%9.68%-2.12%6.41%8.45%Jul-04
Pelham Long/Short Fund Ltd Class B 6.39%1.24%5.18%-1.75%6.39%-0.73%Nov-07
BlackRock UK Equity Hedge Fund ** 5.86%4.43%3.25%4.28%5.86%10.63%May-05

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