Mandates & RFPs

Guide to current hedge fund mandates


Fund Name




Status (Mandate Size)

mandates awarded

Berkshire Pension Fund

United Kingdom


Hired Lyxor Asset Management ($113m)

Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Pension Fund

United Kingdom



Hired Mesirow and Goldman Sachs for currency strategy (split $58m)

Chicago Municipal Employees

Chicago, IL



Hired two FoFs, K2 Advisors and Rock Creek ($200m each)

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

London, UK

Hired Record Currency ($1.45m) and Auriel ($20m) for currency

Massachusetts PRIM

Boston, MA


Cliffwater (previously)

Tapped Ennis Knupp as general inv and hedge fund consultant

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI


Allocated to Stone Tower Structured Credit Recovery Fund ($30m)

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI


Made initial commitment to Everest Alpha Commodity Fund

New York State Common Retirement