Equity market rebound splits winners and losers


With financial stocks leading the powerful equity market rebounds, April was an extraordinary month for European long/shorts with one of the widest gaps between winners and losers on record.

Odey European gained 27.74% on the month to bring three-month returns to 28.45%, while Pepin was up 18.98% in April leaving three-month figures at 12.02%.

Victory was up 14.3% to bring three-month numbers to 22.29% and AlphaGen Volantis' 12.8% gain put three-month figures at 15.91%. AKO was up 12.6% to leave three-month numbers at 11.76%, and Zulauf Europe gained 8.99% to bring three-month returns to 15.34%.

Euronova was up 12.8% on