Mandates & RFPs

Institutional mandates: September 2009


Guide to current hedge fund mandates

Mandates that are covered in this issue appear in bold

Mandates awarded

Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Juneau, AK


Hired Oaktree’s Opportunities Fund VIII ($250m)

Buckinghamshire County Council Pension Fund

United Kingdom


Hired Partners Group ($65m)

Fresno County Employees' Retirement Association

Fresno, CA


Wurts & Assoc.

Hired Common Sense and Grosvenor ($40m-$45m each)

Teachers' Retirement System of Illinois

Springfield, IL


RV Kuhns

Hired Lasair as an l/s equity emerging manager ($25m)

New York State Common Retirement Fund

New York City



Hired Diamondback and Horseman Global ($75m each)

Norfolk County Council

United Kingdom

Hired Prudential M&G ($3.2m) and Goldman ($1.6m) for fixed-income


London, UK


Hired Goodhardt for fund of funds mandate ($105m)


Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Juneau, AK


Callan Associates

Boosting hedge