Brand Names Performance

Brand Names: 2009 August


The biggest hedge funds in the U.S. and Europe.

Equity Diversified   
Eureka Fund - USDMarshall Wace Asset Management4.63%26.86%
SAB Overseas FundSAB Capital4.00%25.98%
Omega Overseas Partners Class AOmega Overseas Partners3.73%28.89%
Viking Global Equities IIIViking Capital2.05%14.77%
M Kingdon (Offshore NV)Kingdon Capital1.72%21.40%
Eminence FundEminence Capital1.10%8.91%
Maverick FundMaverick Capital1.10%15.43%
Lansdowne UK Equity - USDLansdowne Partners0.75%18.65%
Intrepid Capital FundIntrepid Capital0.42%16.46%
Standard Pacific Class BStandard Pacific Capital0.32%15.80%
Zweig-DiMenna InternationalZweig-DiMenna International-1.93%-6.94%
Renaissance Institutional Equities Fund International Series BRenaissance

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