Funds of Hedge Funds Performance

A boost for global multi-strat in a positive month


Another good month in nearly all strategies saw global multi-strategy funds reaping the rewards. The global multi-strategy median stands at 7.83% for the year to date.

Aurora Global Opportunities was up 2.9% on the month to bring year-to-date returns to an impressive 19.52%, while JP Morgan Progressive Multi-Strategy saw a 2.79% August return, taking year-to-date figures to 7.98%.

Permal Investment Holdings was up 2.5% on the month, bringing year-to-date returns to 9.4%, while Lighthouse Diversified Fund's 2.3% gain took year-to-date numbers to 14.76%.

LaFayette Opportunity was up 2.2%, taking year-to-date numbers to 5.57%, Rembrandt Partners was up 1.91% to bring the