Hedge Funds Performance

Another strong month for global multi-strategy


Yet another good month for hedge funds saw 2009's median return for the global multi-strategy sector reaching 9.58% at the end of the third quarter.

Aurora Global Opportunities is up a very strong 23.74% over the year to date after a 3.43% September return while Lighthouse Diversified saw a 2.15% September gain, taking year-to-date figures to 17.36%.

Dorchester Capital Partners Select Opportunities was up 16.11% following a 2.99% September and Archstone Offshore Fund Ltd was up 15.62% following a 2.23% month.

Meridian Diversified saw a 1.95% September to take year-to-date figures to 14.7% and Culross H's 2.96% monthly gain left 2009