Hedge Funds Performance

AR November performance roundup


Seventy-five percent of funds were up for the month, and of those 5% earned double digit gains.

Based on preliminary estimates, hedge funds gained ground in November after a poor previous month. Of the funds which have reported so far 75% gained for the month and 5% of those made double digit gains.

The best strategies so far appear to be Commodities and CTAs, due at least partly from gold rallying for the month. The top performers include: AIS Capital Management's Gold Strategy (26%, Commodities), Hawksbill Capital Management's Legacy Futures (20.86%, CTA), Clarke Capital Management's Global Magnum Program (19.05%, CTA), Briarwood Capital Management's 2XL Trading Program (17.19%, Commodities) and Global Edge Capital Management Diversified Program (11.01%,