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  • CS poll points to growing investor allocations in H2

    Event-driven and long/short equity are the most in-demand strategies globally, followed by macro and equity market-neutral. Despite their recent performance pick-up, CTAs are most out of favour

  • Uncertainty abounds as AIFMD comes into effect

    Many key aspects of fund managers’ compliance with the EU’s new regulatory requirements for alternative investment firms remain unclear – and unresolved – as the AIFMD comes into force. But the cost of compliance is still rising and the impact on the industry could be hard to predict

  • Surveys show impact of investor-driven changes across the hedge fund industry

    Two major recent surveys – one by Barclays and AIMA, the other by Deutsche Bank – underline the extent to which investors are driving change in the industry, both in terms of the partnerships they want to build with managers and also the operational excellence that investors are increasingly expecting

  • Citco extends lead in Europe as growth returns to the industry

    Citco has accelerated further ahead of the field among the leading hedge fund administrators in Europe, after a year when fast-returning global investor interest in European hedge funds enabled most of the top players to increase their assets in a changing industry environment

  • New-look prime broking line-up consolidates in changing market

    Credit Suisse still leads the field in terms of assets in our latest survey of European hedge fund prime brooking – although Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs remain in the lead by some distance in terms of mandates


Special Reports

  • CHINA: building a modern asset management industry

    Sep 2014

    The pace and scale of China’s recent efforts to liberalise, deregulate, modernise and internationalise its asset management industry – and the alternative investment industry in particular – have surprised and delighted all those doing business in this fast-growing and potentially vast market.

  • New Standards in Investor Transparency

    Jul 2014

    The good governance gospel tells you that transparency ultimately supports performance, but try telling that to famously uncommunicative managers.

  • Global Review 2014

    Apr 2014

    The recovery of the global hedge fund industry in 2012, which we reported in last year's editions of the Global Review, has moved up a gear over the past year


August 2014 European regional fund

Index Composite
EuroHedgeAug 14YTD%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage EUR-0.12%1.19%100%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage USD0.02%2.17%100%
Credit EUR0.27%4.92%100%
Credit USD0.21%5.35%100%
Emerging Market Debt USD0.18%5.41%100%
Emerging Market Equity USD0.24%1.21%100%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies EUR0.33%0.12%100%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies USD0.40%0.72%100%
European Equity EUR0.49%1.86%100%
European Equity GBP0.43%0.29%100%
European Equity Nordic0.22%4.18%100%
European Equity USD0.34%0.14%100%
Event Driven EUR-0.58%1.08%100%
Event Driven USD-0.21%2.94%100%
Fixed Income EUR0.14%3.60%100%
Fixed Income USD-0.32%-0.36%100%
Global Equity EUR0.73%1.28%100%
Global Equity USD0.78%0.84%100%
Macro EUR-0.28%-1.07%100%
Macro USD0.15%-0.14%100%
Managed Futures EUR5.21%4.67%100%
Managed Futures USD4.87%6.06%100%
Mixed Arbitrage & Multi-Strategy USD0.28%1.68%100%

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