• KKR/Marshall Wace: the face of the future for alternatives?

    The purchase by private equity giant KKR of a stake of up to 40% in $22 billion long/short equity firm Marshall Wace as part of a long-term strategic partnership is a ground-breaking deal at many levels

  • An alternative view: how not to launch a hedge fund in 2015

    A tongue-in-cheek guide by former cap intro man Edgar Senior on the do’s and don’ts these days for would-be founders of new hedge fund firms looking to gain investor support for their new launches

  • Regulators must not hinder the private debt ‘revolution’

    AIMA CEO Jack Inglis calls it “a quiet revolution” – and it is one that has the capacity to transform the world of asset management and the world of banking over the next few years

  • Opinion: time for the industry to show value to society

    There are many differences between the cultures and attitudes of the hedge fund industry in America and in Europe. In the US, managers are more comfortable with the idea of making money. They are more visible and conspicuous in their giving and their philanthropy. They are openly proud of their success and the ways in which they embody the American Dream

  • Hedge funds are ex-growth? Tell it to the marines

    Judging by their actions, people such as Eric Schmidt and Stephen Schwartzman either don’t read the likes of the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal when it comes to hedge funds – or don’t take much stock of what those types of media outlets say and think on the subject


Research & Rankings


  • Taking the air in Paris: report from the HFI Summit

    The mood at this year’s big annual industry gathering in Europe was upbeat, but mixed. Optimism at the fast-expanding opportunities for growth and strong returns across the alternative asset management business was tempered with an air of apprehension at the many macro-economic, geo-political, regulatory and investment uncertainties and challenges facing all those involved in the industry

  • Fresh names dominate the EuroHedge Awards for 2014 after a capricious year

    The 14th EuroHedge Awards featured an encouragingly new-looking roll-call of winners and nominees for 2014, after a very changeable and challenging year in which systematic strategies stole the show

Special Reports

  • Global Review: Autumn 2015

    Sep 2015

    The Autumn 2015 edition of the HedgeFund Intelligence Global Review provides a unique and useful snapshot of the global hedge fund industry – in terms of all the key data and research points, the major themes and issues facing managers and investors, and the main challenges and changes ahead for the industry.

  • UCITS 2015

    Sep 2015

    Europe’s UCITS framework has been a catalyst for the dramatic growth of liquid alternative funds at a time when major regulatory and investor changes are altering the global alternative investment market. The UCITS hedge fund universe goes from strength to strength – with a broadening variety of strategies and fund types being offered by a growing array of managers.

  • Nordic Hedge Funds

    Sep 2015

    The Nordic region has developed into a dynamic and diverse area for alternative investment management – including several of the top-performing funds in the world. This report charts the strategies of managers in the region; the regulatory environment; and the expansion of the retail and institutional investor sectors in the main Nordic countries.


August 2015 European regional fund

Index Composite
EuroHedgeAug 15YTD%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage EUR-1.49%-1.34%100%
Convertible & Equity Arbitrage USD-1.32%0.34%100%
Credit EUR-0.13%2.73%100%
Credit USD-0.08%1.36%100%
Emerging Market Debt USD-0.34%0.48%100%
Emerging Market Equity USD-3.04%-1.81%100%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies EUR0.68%6.45%100%
Equity Market Neutral & Quantitative Strategies USD0.34%5.93%100%
European Equity EUR-1.56%7.19%100%
European Equity GBP-0.17%6.53%100%
European Equity Nordic-1.22%2.88%100%
European Equity USD-0.89%6.45%100%
Event Driven EUR-0.03%4.37%100%
Event Driven USD-0.38%3.33%100%
Fixed Income EUR-0.51%2.06%100%
Fixed Income USD-0.58%1.07%100%
Global Equity EUR-2.00%4.35%100%
Global Equity USD-2.18%3.53%100%
Macro EUR-0.93%1.71%100%
Macro USD0.70%4.14%100%
Managed Futures EUR-4.39%-3.89%100%
Managed Futures USD-3.31%-1.28%100%
Mixed Arbitrage & Multi-Strategy USD-0.64%2.18%100%

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