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  • New Standards in Investor Transparency

    Jul 2014

    The good governance gospel tells you that transparency ultimately supports performance, but try telling that to famously uncommunicative managers.

  • Global Review 2014

    Apr 2014

    The recovery of the global hedge fund industry in 2012, which we reported in last year's editions of the Global Review, has moved up a gear over the past year

  • Hong Kong: Developing a world-class Asian hedge fund centre

    Mar 2014

    Hong Kong has established itself as the dominant centre in Asia’s fast-evolving hedge fund world – with a growing pool of local investment talent, with international-quality strengths in infrastructure and operations, and with China’s rapidly emerging asset management as its backyard.


June 2014 Fund of Funds

Index Composite
InvestHedgeJun 14YTD%
Arbitrage USD0.74%3.05%42%
Asian Pacific Fund of Funds1.31%0.43%70%
Emerging Managers1.34%2.99%80%
Emerging Markets Hedge USD1.24%4.52%62%
European Equity EUR0.04%-0.64%63%
European Multi Strategy EUR-0.33%0.43%67%
Fixed Income USD0.65%3.78%67%
Global Equity USD1.06%1.24%69%
Global Macro Currency USD0.03%-0.74%71%
Global Multi Strategy EUR0.69%1.18%58%
Global Multi Strategy USD0.88%1.84%61%
Leveraged Global Multi-Strategy USD0.56%2.83%68%
Managed Futures1.33%0.45%32%
Self-Invested Fund of Funds USD0.19%1.26%81%
US Equity1.39%2.14%72%

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