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  • November 2010

    Brummer & Partners: a local and global pioneer

    November 26, 2010

    The story of Sweden’s Brummer & Partners is a remarkable mix of talent recruitment, business-building, strategic vision and product innovation that has propelled the Stockholm-based group in 15 years to the forefront of the global hedge fund industry

  • Macro player Tanglin back on the front foot

    November 26, 2010

    The Stockholm-based and Nordic-oriented macro manager has had its ups and downs throughout its 10-year history. But the firm is on an upswing again and the long-term performance track record is strong

  • Blue Skye opens up new vista for investors

    November 26, 2010

    Though it had to extricate itself from the implosion of DB Zwirn & Co, Blue Skye remained profitable throughout the crisis and managed to retain the confidence of its investors

  • European Credit Management unveils special sits strategy

    November 26, 2010

    Formed in February 1999 to take advantage of opportunities in the fast-growing European credit market, ECM has grown over the past 10 years to become a major player in the fixed-income markets

  • ABC Arbitrage builds fund range based on prop trading success

    November 26, 2010

    The Paris-based systematic arbitrage firm has big plans to make its broad range of internal investment strategies available to outside investors, continuing its successful expansion so far from its roots in proprietary trading into fund management

  • Camargue rides wild terrain to build platform for growth

    November 26, 2010

    Ex-Soros and GLG man Benn Spiers could hardly have chosen a worse moment to start his own long/short firm than July 2008. But he survived the meltdown – and momentum is starting to build

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