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  • Scandinavia: The Winning Formula

    Jul 2005

    To the outside world, Scandinavia is widely regarded as a prosperous region with an enviable history of industrial and social innovation. What is often overlooked, however, is that because of the export-oriented nature of so many Scandinavian multinational firms, their open national economies have also spawned dynamic financial markets. And against that backdrop of financial sophistication, the region has given birth to an impressive and rapidly growing hedge fund industry.

  • Portable Alpha: The answer to institutional investors' needs

    Jun 2005

    As more institutions try to figure out how to add hedge funds to their portfolios, portable alpha is emerging particularly in the US as a way of using hedge funds, without significantly changing a pension fund's asset allocation. Here we define portable alpha by talking to the investors who are using the strategy today.

  • How to start a European hedge fund

    May 2005

    Running a successful hedge fund takes a lot more than having a trading 'edge', as illustrated by the average number of closures every year

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