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  • Global Review update (Autumn 2008)

    Oct 2008

    The growth of assets in hedge funds stalled during the first half of 2008, with the global total edging up only very narrowly to just under $2.7 trillion, according to the latest analysis of the HedgeFund Intelligence database and our associated mid-year surveys.

  • Switzerland: Leading the way in hedge fund investing

    Sep 2008

    Since the dawn of the global hedge fund industry, Switzerland has played a vital role as a significant allocator of capital to hedge fund managers in all the major investment hubs. Many of the country’s leading private banks pioneered a route into the new asset class at a time when many investors elsewhere were still trying to come to grips with the hedge fund concept. As one of the key wealth management centres, Switzerland has built up an enviable position, over the succeeding decades, where it now accounts for almost one-third of global fund of hedge funds assets.

  • Global Review 2008 - List of global billion dollar firms

    May 2008

    The list of global billion dollar firms is available to database subscribers only

  • Global Review 2008

    Apr 2008

    After coming through one of the most dramatic years that markets have ever experienced in 2007, the global hedge fund industry emerged in relatively robust shape. As our extensive research reveals, derived from an analysis of our databases and industry surveys, hedge funds around the world are now managing about $2.65 trillion in assets – a very impressive leap from $2.079 billion at the start of 2007, and despite a slowdown in the rate of growth during the second half of the year. This pace of growth is even more remarkable when compared to a total worldwide asset count of $1.5 trillion only two years ago.

  • Hedge Funds in France: A new esprit de corps

    Apr 2008

    It is two years since we published our first special report on hedge funds in France – analysing the growth and development of Europe’s second largest hedge fund centre after the UK. Much has changed since then and there is even more evidence that the building blocks are in place for the rapid further development of this increasingly broad and robustly-based marketplace.

  • Italy: A market in transition

    Mar 2008

    While still a relatively small sector within Italy’s investment universe, hedge funds are increasingly regarded as an attractive asset class that offers a viable alternative to traditional investments. Recent moves by the Italian regulatory authorities to liberalise the legal framework will create a better environment for fund managers – both Italian and foreign – to increase the number and range of hedge fund products.

  • Operational strength: The platform for sustainable growth

    Jan 2008

    Hedge funds have become ever bigger and ever more influential in the markets in recent years. Hence the task of running a major hedge fund group – all the operational aspects of it, from staffing and management structures, to technology, to risk management and controls – has increased dramatically in both scale and complexity. In this round table report some of the biggest and most sophisticated names in the European hedge fund business discuss what it takes to build a robust platform for sustainable growth.

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